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Multi Use Room Designs


Rooms that change countless times are often the best used spaces in the home. Whether these rooms have multiple uses at one time or over time, they tend to share similar designs that are spacious, welcoming and well lit.

Room changes reflect how homeowner’s lifestyles can transform over time. A welcoming space can be renovated from an outdoor porch/patio, to an office, to a TV room, and finally to a sunroom. This space (left) designed by McDougal Architects is charming, sunning and consistently used.

The landing space at the top of a staircase can be used for many different purposes. The top of the stairs can become a breathing space for yoga, reading or for other serene activities. This space at the top of the stairs designed by McDougal Architects has beautiful natural light. Natural lighting not only makes a room look spacious, it also can boost your mood and immune system.

McDougal Architects provides unique interior and architectural services to create homes that solve problems, make life easier, and harmoniously infuse the style and personality of the homeowner.

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